About Peep No more

The idea for Peep No More came about when the owner, Joey Mares, was in a busy public restroom going through the familiar and awkward ritual of looking for feet beneath the stall doors to find a vacant stall. She thought there must be a better and less embarrassing way to determine if a stall is empty and available.

A team of mechanical engineers brought Joey's product idea to life. After two and a half years of meticulous research and development, various prototypes, and extensive field testing, the Peep No More signs are now available!

Peep No More is proud to be designed, manufactured and distributed right here in the USA. Each product is manufactured and distributed from Reno, Nevada.

"The signs save the embarrassment of having to look under the stalls and save time" - Heather, customer of the National Bowling Stadium

"It is helpful to know whether the stalls are vacant or occupied" - Ashley, customer of the National Bowling Stadium

Peep No More Clients