Peep No More

Let your customers and visitors spend more time enjoying the venue at your facility and less time waiting in line for the restroom!

With Peep No More the guessing game is finally eliminated, and your customers' privacy can be assured when they really need it. The innovative Peep No More restroom stall occupancy indicator makes public restroom facilities user-friendly by enhancing the customer experience. It is an indicator sign to clearly show whether public restroom stalls are occupied or vacant. This patented and inexpensive device is hands-free, maintenance-free and can be easily installed on all existing stalls.

Peep No More signs are a low cost high impact solution to increase customer satisfaction and enhance your guest experience. The signs are specifically designed for increasing traffic flow in high volume public venues including stadiums, airports, convention centers and other large public facilities. Peep No More greatly increases efficiency in high-traffic restrooms because each stall's occupancy status can clearly be seen from a far distance away, leaving no vacant stalls un-noticed.

Peep No More restroom stall occupancy indicator signs are sleek and simple and are available in a variety of colors to complement your existing restroom design and decor.

Peep No More because you'll know for sure!


"The customers and ticket holders that come to the games have expressed that they like the look of the signs and they help them to know which stall is available. The signs speed up the process for the customer, and the lines move more quickly. Also it is easier for the custodians to be more efficient in stocking and cleaning during heavy use."

Michael Averett
Assistant Director, Building Services
Facilities Maintenance Services
University of Nevada Reno

"The signs save the embarrassment of having to look under the stalls and save time"
Heather, customer of the National Bowling Stadium

"It is helpful to know whether the stalls are vacant or occupied"
Ashley, customer of the National Bowling Stadium

Women's Business Enterprise
Peep No More Clients