Peep No More Installation

The Peep No More Stall Indicator consists of the 5 items shown below:

  • Housing
  • Indicator Block
  • Mechanism Assembly (with mounting plate/template and slider block attached)
  • Mounting Screw Package
  • Tube of Adhesive

TOOLS NEEDED: Prick Punch, Drill, 1/4″ Drill Bit, Flat Head Screwdriver

Product Package


Product Detail

Product Door

The Indicator can be mounted on stalls hinged left or right and with doors that swing in or out. The following illustrations show these mounting configurations. Note that when the door swings in the indicator is mounted on the PILASTER next to the edge of the door opposite the hinges, and when the door swings out, the indicator is mounted to the DOOR on the edge opposite the hinges.

Public Restroon Occupancy Sign
Public Restroom Occupancy Indicator